Consultation & Engineering Automation on Automobile, EPS & Ceramic Machinery Manufacturing for Tableware, Tiles & Sanitary

It was established in 2014. It is an outsourcing company as well as Mechatronic Machines Manufacturing Plant. From this position we were early to recognize the opportunity for outsource work. It’s a specific application to contact with foreign delegates to apprehend any types of outsourcing works. It also verifies all kinds of outsourcing works. To enhance the spreading outside Bangladesh it is still now working. We have mastered the challenges of business by sheer hard work and dedication towards the patrons who have supported us and always endeavored to bring optimum value. Over the past years of our operations we have built a trustworthy brand. It dwells upon its own vast database of works which proves lucrative for all prevailing associates. We find ourselves being able to not only target the business instead do correct market positioning and create win- win situations. We are also confident to maintain a sound business reputation.

Machinery and Plants for Ceramics Industry:
Mills, Stirrers, Sieves, Pumps, electromagnetic and permanent-magnetic de-ironing for body and glaze preparation, Spray dryers, Filter presses, Clay feeding devices, Sieve kneaders, Vacuum pug mills Machines and Plants for plastic shaping like numerically controlled roller shaping machines for cups, mugs, pots and large tableware items